03 Dec

Objective: Understand how character traits are revealed through dialogue. (Making Inferences/ Dialogue)

Today We Will complete the following GLEs 

  • 4b.Draw conclusions and make inferences about short stories
  • 5.Explain how text connects to real life
  • 11e.Making inferences and drawing conclusions about short stories
  1. Download PowerPoint to be used for Friday. 
  2. Read Thank You Mam pg 108-117
  3. Complete the character map and save it as a document that can be uploaded and sent to me through Edmodo.
  4. Describe a place and use space on the Ning’s comment section to create 1st draft.  Solicit the help of others in proofreading and correcting this draft so that it is ready to be published on your Edublog page as a Post.  You must create a title for the post and assign it 4 tags: assignment, journal, blog, essay
  5. Exit Ticket: Post Blog Post onto the Ning: How do you think Roger’s special place would compare to yours?
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