Week of January 11th

01 Jan

Monday: Record events from CNN Student News and Record definition of Unit 3A words.  PowerPoint with sentences  and PowerPoint with synonyms

Tuesday:  Work on wikipages (Word Wall, Literary Terms and Reading Log)

Wednesday: Read, analyze and discuss “The Necklace”  Discuss literature circle roles,

Thursday: Begin to select stories for Scholars as leaders project and Begin working on Video for The Necklace

Complete video and literature circle requirements.

Friday:  Quiz for “The Necklace”


Click here for passwords

Read and respond

Weekly Vocabulary words:

  1. adversary
  2. alienate
  3. artifice
  4. coerce
  5. craven
  6. culinary
  7. delete
  8. demise
  9. exhilarate
  10. fallow
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