Wednesday, January 20th

20 Jan

Today you will examine other blogs.

You will need to continue working on your group exploration.

Groups 2nd pd

1. Mildred, Darrin and Devin

2. Eugenee and Tynisha

3. Jeri, Roshon, Joanica and Patrick

4. John, Dylan, Chastity and Luis

5. Ryan, Kelsie and Bryce

6. Leonardo and Bryan

Groups, 4th pd

1. Stanley, Arturo, Joshua and Alexander J

2. Jasmine M, Keiera, Christian and Karla

3. Rasha, Bianca, Aryal and Glen

4. Kristina, Hakiem, Tonie and Angelica

5. Alexander L, Rollo and Kendric

6. Marvin, China, and Jasmine

Group 5th pd

1. D’Aquin, Wesley and Daniel

2. Tyler, Kyreal and Destiny

3. Tai, Eiker and Stephen

4. Alanie, Darius, Anthony and I’Naetra

5. Kenneka, Courtney and Tonisha

6. Elizabeth

Within your group be sure to answer the 8 questions based on the information that can be found on the Blogging Rules Wiki and the Blogging Webquest.

Post an opinion onto another Wall.  Tell me where you were the Sunday before Hurricane Katrina hit.

  1. Tour other blogs
  2. Blogging Challenge
  3. Explore Tags and Categories

NEXT WEEK WE WILL BEGIN OUR UNIT OF SCHOLARS AS TEACHERS.  You will need to select a story and you will present it to the class

  1. Shared Inquiry assignments This blog gives you some of the vital bits of information need for our inquiry discussions.   I am currently working on an example of the story blog.  I did it for “The Necklace“.
    • Reading story
    • Preparing response to story ?s
    • Preparing a wiki or blogpage
    • Preparing a test
  • An entry on their personal Reading Log Wikipages
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