Friday, January 22nd

22 Jan

  1. Add new post to blog to tell us your opinions about your chosen stories.  Be sure to look at this PowerPoint to help you decide. Copy the prereading questions into your blog and answer them as a blog post.
  2. Click Here to Fill out the form and let me know which story you would like to present
  3. Log into LiveBinder. You should be linking up your pages to the ePortfolio.
  4. Take time with your blogpage. Have you completed your about Me page? Have you added a visitor tracker like ? Or ?

Have you named it? Ours is Blog Bl0g Blog and Blog some more…

Exit ticket

How is blogging?   Take the last few minutes of class to respond to the response starters below.  Be sure that your responses are honest, thoughtful and several sentences long.

  • ___ made me think of…
  • ___ didn’t make sense.
  • I was confused by…
  • I think the most important part was…
  • ___ is interesting because…
  • I wonder why…
  • I just thought of…

Post your response on your blog.

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