SHARED INQUIRIES: Scholars as Teachers

25 Jan

  • Your group must first set up another blog or wiki that is designed around your chosen story.
  • During Reading you will work in Literature Circles
  1. these literature circles are the groups that you will be working in for the story presentations.
  2. each member has an important role to play.
  3. in these literature circles you must identify: words of interest, story summary, pictorial representations of the story, quotes of interest and a final product that will be unveiled during the group’s presentation.
  • On your presentation day: I will present class with a PreReading survey. The group will then present the Quickwrite writing topic. Students will need to post a response onto the blogpage or wikipage created for this purpose.
  • The group will read the story for the class or play a podcast reading of it.
  • Comprehension questions will be answered as we read through the story
  • Final Reflection topic will be posted for comments and the groups will share with the class the opinions gathered from the pre-reading survey.
  • Comprehension Quiz and Writing Assignment – because you are the teachers, you will create the test. We will go over the test and then I will have it run off for presentation day.
  • I would then like the class to take part in class discussions about impressions of the book and the experience.
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