Janaury 29th

29 Jan

We will be watching an episode of CNN Student News.  Record 5 events to post as news tidbits in your blog.  Then you will need to choose 1 of those stories and give me a more detailed summary of that 1.  Your summary should follow the guidelines below: (be sure to place your information between the brackets <>)

<Describe where the news item took place>. < Explain who was involved and what the event was about>. <Then, tell us Who? Did What? When? Where? Why? and How?>

This story made me realize/think of/ wonder  that < finish this sentence>. <Add two or three more sentences explaining how the story has affected you.>

Go beyond just telling me Who? Did What? When? Where? Why? and How? Give me enough information so that I feel I know what actually happened and why.

Create your own short story. Fill in the blanks and create your own story. After your story is complete, copy and paste it onto your blog

The State of the Union Address was delivered on Wednesday.  Based on the Wordle below, recreate his speech and post it to your blog.

Our friends from around the world would like to see our completed glogs

More MadLibs on line

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