February 1st

01 Feb

We have a new set of vocabulary words!!

  1. affiliated
  2. ascertain
  3. attainment
  4. bequeath
  5. cogent
  6. converge
  7. disperse
  8. esteem
  9. expunge
  10. finite
  11. invulnerable
  12. malevolent
  13. nonchalant
  14. omniscient
  15. panacea
  16. scrupulous
  17. Skulk
  18. supercilious
  19. uncanny
  20. venial

Record the words and synonyms and post them to your blog.  Be sure to tag them Vocabulary

Respond to the topic below by posting to your blogpage.

What is most important to you in a friend–loyalty, generosity, honesty–why?

Glogs  Glogs  Glogs  Glogs

For Glogster Login Information.

We must finish our Louisiana glogs, for Greetings from around the world wiki and for our N.Y. ePals.

Here are some links of Google Search Images

Images of New Orleans – Mardi Gras

Images of NOLA

Images of New Orleans Hurricane Katrina

Images of New Orleans SkyLine

Here is a list of basic LA facts that you can use.

If you have completed your glogster, venture out into the world of moviemaking. Click here for information about your New Orleans poem/movie.

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