February 5th

05 Feb

Don’t cry because I am absent.  You will be okay.  Your assignments for today

  1. Check out our glogs
  2. Complete your NOLA poem/video using either PhotoPeach, MovieMaker or PhotoStory.
  3. Complete the handout on Teen Drivers and post a response on the blog page.
  4. There is a movie  that you need to watch and post a comment about your impressions of the video.  You should put your response on your blogpage and on the school’s.

peekingYou have just watched a pretty intense and somewhat disturbing video on the consequences of gang violence. What was your reaction to what you witnessed (saw)?

Post your response in the comment box below.  Be sure that your answer is a well thought out response.  One or two sentence answer is not acceptable .  Use the template below to help you.  Substitute the words in <> for your own responses.

What I noticed most about, “<Exact Title of the Video>, ” was <… Add 2 or 3 sentences describing what stands out for you and why.>

As I watched the video/Watching the video,  I was thinking <report what was going on in your head the first time you were watching this part of the video.> I think this is <descriptive adjective> because… <Add 1 or 2 sentences explaining why you chose this quote.>

One of the <sections of the video / images> that I <strong verb> was where <Describe this section of the video in detail.> This stood out for me because <… Add 1 or 2 sentences.>

I <do/don’t> <adverb, word that ends in “-ly”> <like/dislike, agree/disagree that> <… Summarize something from the  that you have an opinion about.> One reason I say this is<… Explain in 1 or 2 sentences.> Another reason I <agree/disagree with you> <like/dislike your video> is <… Give another reason in a couple of sentences.>

<End your response in a nice way… by thanking the videomaker for his/her work and saying why you might want to see more from this young videomaker. Why might you want to see his/her thoughts again in the future?>

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