February 10th

10 Feb

You will need to post to your blog.  Respond to the prompt below and then let your classmates know what you think of their work.

What do we mean when we say, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”?

We will be studying poetry for the next couple weeks as well as communicating with our students from around the world.  You will need to bring in lyrics for a favorite song of yours so that we can begin to analyze it.  You will need to be sure that your selection has CLEAN lyrics.  They will need to cleaned up if they are not already clean

Today I want you to evaluate the work of fellow students.  Check out their NOLA glogs and NOLA movies and tell me which is your favorite.  Insert the template onto your blog as a blog post and if possible leave them a message on their blog and on the class blog in the comment section.

NOLA glogs

NOLA movies

Last but not least, we have made contact with our friends from Germany.  You will be paired up with two students from the Germany classes.  There are 3 different classes that we will communicate with.  The first class has started.  The other two will be following shortly.  I have a list of which of you are grouped with them.

If we have time I would like to take a quick poll about the favorite commercial ad.

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