Wednesday, March 3rd

03 Mar

If it were your job to decide what shows can be on t.v., how would you choose?What 10 shows would you select?  Why these ten?  Respond on your blog or on notebook paper.

If you haven’t recorded your Vocabulary Unit 4 words you need to.

we will

Vocabulary Unit 4 synonyms – Record the word and synonyms (20mins)

Vocabulary Unit 4 sentences – Record the word and the definition

Grammar Unit -Subject and Verb agreement (10 mins)

Poetry – Analysis of To an Athlete Dying Young and The Ex-Basketball Player

  1. Identify alliteration, personification, metaphor, simile, tone and theme
  2. Who is Flick Webb?
  3. What is he doing now?
  4. Why was he famous?
  5. Who is the athlete in Housman’s poem:?
  6. What has happened to him?
  7. Why was he smart to die so young?
  8. How would you react to this poem if it were written about you or a close friend?
  • Compose a 100-125 word response comparing/contrasting the two poems.  Compare the poetic devices, tone and theme.
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