Friday, March 12th

12 Mar

Today you will demonstrating your knowledge by completing another BTBS (Burton’s Test of Basic Skills)

1st we will Discuss Nonfiction from Week in rap

2nd we will complete a SCAVENGER HUNT of Where Y’at using the Where Y’at newspaper.

3rd we will analyze poetry from handouts


In groups of 4 you will, create a poster about 1 news event,  4 poems and a personal belief statement about media violence and youth.  I will give a a post it page, post it notes and a few markers to assist you.  You will need to select a story from Week in Rap to highlight for your poster.  You will also need to analyze 4 poems: Identity, 25th class reunion, Getting Started, and Thumbprint.

For each: analyze, summarize and identify the literary elements (From the poems tell me Who is doing What? When? Where? Why? How?  Tell me if there are similes, metaphors, rhyming, personification, symbols, etc. in the poems)

Poster Example

Burton’s Test of Basic Slills (BTBS)

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