24 Mar

Students will post a note onto the WallWisher for Power Verbs

Students will takes notes on your group’s etherpad

  1. pd4a
  2. pd4b
  3. pd4c
  4. pd4d
  5. pd4e
  6. pd5a
  7. pd5b
  8. pd5c
  9. pd5d
  10. pd5e

to create an online game.  View these 2 samples to see the games Sample 1 or Sample 2

Bell Schedule

7:15-7:20                     Transition
7:20-7:45                     Homeroom
7:45-7:49                     Transition
7:49-9:17                     2nd Period
9:17-9:21                     Transition
9:21-10:49                   3rd Period
10:49-11:35                  Lunch
11:35-11:40                 Transition
11:40-1:08                    4th Period
1:08-1:12                      Transition
1:12-2:40                      5th Period

Many of you still have not completed your assignments for our work with Ms. Katz’s class and Hurricane Song.

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