Thursday, March 25th

25 Mar

To celebrate the completion of our novel, you will be creating an online game based on Hurricane Song.  Below you will find a link to a workspace that you will need to use to help you to create your game.  The first step in your group is to identify at least 15 events from the story.  Use these events to help you to create test questions.  On your etherpad you must record the question Q and the answer A.

Students will takes notes on your group’s etherpad


  1. pd2a Karmaneisha, Roshon, Jonica, Tynisha, Jeri
  2. pd2b Dylan, Luis, Johnn, Leornardo
  3. pd2c Mildred, Courtney, Darrin
  4. pd2d Melissa, Kelsie, Melissa

    pd2e Katelynn, Chastity, Brian

    • Their Game

  1. pd4a AlexanderJ, Joshua, Christian and China
  2. pd4b Karla, Kiera, Marvin
  3. pd4c
    • Their Game
  4. pd4d Rasha, Aryal, Angelica and Kristina
    • Their Game
  5. pd4e Alexander

  1. pd5a Tyler, Alanie, Destiny and AnthonyL
  2. pd5b  Eiker, Westley, Daniel, D’Aquin
  3. pd5c Francisco, Terrance, Mervyn,
  4. pd5d I’N
  5. pd5e  Elizabeth, Tai and Stephen

    • Their Game

View these 2 samples to see the games Sample 1 or Sample 2.  You will  create your  online game once you have your questions selected.  Here is a quick how to video to show how to put your questions onto the game builder site.

5th period, 5th period, 5th period, 5th period


Many of you still have not completed your assignments for our work with Ms. Katz’s class and Hurricane Song.

For Friday,

2nd period will be Skyping with New York.


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