Characters and events

28 Mar

Miles: Main Character.  The story is told from his perspective
Pop: Miles’s father.  He is a musician who has not had much  contact with his son Miles.
Fess: Fellow musician and friend of Pop and Uncle Roy
Uncle Roy: Pop’s brother.  He is also a musician
Cyrus: A dishwasher who works at Pharoah’s Club.  He is the one who  felt as though he was going to die on the slaveship.
Cyurs’s  daughter and granddaughters
Preacher Culver and his family
Cain: Football player from Miles’s school  Turned out to be a  bully and leader of a gang
Dunham: Football player from Miles’s school.  Turned out to be a  bully and assistant to the gang leader.
Sergeant  Scobie: Soldier who treated them well.
Hancock: Mean and nasty soldier
  1. Miles and Pop evacuated to the  Superdome.
  2. Pop and Miles left the Superdome.
  3. Cain getting beaten  up by a family.
  4. After they left the Superdome, they saw looting and stealing.
  5. Soul Patrol helped  out.
  6. Cyrus  jumped to his death.
  7. Bathrooms in Superdome overflowing and  nasty.
  8. Cain and crew burned people out for protection money.
  9. Secondline funeral  march for Cyrus.
  10. Pop and Miles fought off thieves trying to steal a piano and  suit of armor.
  11. When they made it to Pharoah’s they played music to celebrate  being home
  12. They were rescued from Pharoah’s and taken to the Astrodome.
  13. Miles talked to his  mother and she wanted him to come back home.  He wanted to stay with Pop  instead.
  14. The fight for the piano was a bad one.  Miles was getting  choked and Pop used his horn to save him
  15. Saw store with a sign  “Looters will be shot;”  they saw people with guns and they were in a  shoot out
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