Catch up work allowed; NO MAKE WORK IS ALLOWED

03 Apr

Post to your blog links and information about all of the work that you work that you have completed.  ie. on you blog you should have posts about: Unit 5 Vocab, Your game, Your Part in the group page about Hurricane Song, etc.

Complete Novel Wikipage for Hurricane Song. You will have  a role to play in your group.

  • Discussion Director Your job is to respond to at least three questions for your group to discuss Hurricane Song
  • The responses should create be a discussion of the novel, not “yes” or “no” or simple fact recall.
  • Creative Connector – Your job is to find connections between the book and the outside world.  Your group’s experiences are the connections.
  • You will be comparing/contrasting the experiences of the people in your group with what Miles went through in the Superdome.
  • Artful Artist – Your job is to create a PhotoPeach movie in response to the novel.  You must choose pictures that are representative of the story.  I do not recommend using PhotoStory but those of you who insist, here is a notesheet.  Once your PhotoPeach movie is complete, embed it onto your wikipage.  Click here for a How To Video
  • Your presentation must have a minimum of 20 pictures and it must also include text to help explain your story.  The text can be on a separate slide or on the slide with the picture.  Be sure to select music to accompany your film.
  • Super Summarizer You must  summarize the book.  Your summary should be at least three paragraphs.
  • Your job is to choose at least fifteen events from your reading that you feel are important.  Your task is to be able to explain why these events are important to your group.
  1. Pd2/Group 1
  2. Pd2/Group2
  3. Pd2/Group3
  4. Pd2/Group4
  5. Pd2/Group5
  6. Pd4/Group 1
  7. Pd4/Group2
  8. Pd4/Group3
  9. Pd4/Group4
  10. Pd4/Group5
  11. Pd5/Group 1
  12. Pd5/Group2
  13. Pd5/Group3
  14. Pd5/Group4
  15. Pd5/Group5

Hurricane Song Prewrite and Games

WallWisher Walls

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