Illuminating sonnets

15 Apr

What To Do
1. Select a sonnet to use for your movie.

2. After selecting and reading your sonnet, go through each line and create a story board with pictures to represent the words/lines of the sonnet

3. Circle any words that stood out -perhaps those you understood or those that evoked images.

4. ILLUMINATE  your sonnet by:

  • locating 14 photos (personal or from the internet), one or two for each line of the sonnet, focusing on specific words
  • using PhotoPeach,  add pictures and use lines from the sonnet as captions for pictures
  • add musical accompaniment (and if you are really motivated record yourself reading the sonnet.  It is easy.  Select music and then  “play” video as you record yourself using Audacity narrating the movie.)
  • Be prepared to present your Sonnet to the class on Share your Sonnet day, and discussing why you chose particular images for particular lines

Leave me a message here with your movie’s link to let me know that your movie is completed.

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