Monday, April 19th

18 Apr

We have finished watching Hurricane Season.

I now want you to see 2 background videos about the Coach and players from John Ehret.

What do you remember?

What schools are mentioned?
What were the two rival “crews”?
Put the events in order.
Coach Collins offers help to Coach Simmons.
Patriots get into it with Kennedy, an Eastbank school.
__ tells __ about his girlfriend’s number.
The players learn the effectiveness of laxative gum.
Coach and the boys clean up gym.
Coach Collins is sleeping in gym.
Patriots win championship.
__ tells story about his older brother.
Lil Wayne’s character, won his bet on the Patriots.

Today you will need to complete a graphic organizer that shows the differences and similarities of your experience; those of Hurricane Song’s Miles and a character from Hurricane Season.

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