Tuesday, April 20th

19 Apr

Today you will be

  1. identifying the story elements from the movie Hurricane Season”
  2. brainstorming ideas for a comparison/contrast essay

Today we will be creating a sandwich about the movie “Hurricane Season.”  You will take the slips of paper (story elements) and record the literary elements from the movie.  Click here for a Presentation about making your sandwich.

Finishing Up “Hurricane Season

  1. Here is a blog post with two background videos from “Hurricane Season”
  2. Students will need to write a Movie Review to be posted on personal blog
  3. Students will need to create a Movie Sandwich about elements of the movie

Tomorrow you will need to complete a Worksheet about background Shakespeare and R and J information.

Beginning “Romeo and Juliet

  1. Background Gathering webquest for Romeo and Juliet WIKIPAGE Assignments should be complete
  2. Make sure you are studying the Characters from play and the Key Facts about play .  Click here for a variety of Power Points or you can click here to see 2 videos about the movie.
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