Monday, May 10th

09 May

We will begin to work on a Romeo and Juilet foldables that will contain 5 vocabulary words, 5 literary elements (definition and example), summary/plot with 10 events, describe 5 characters,

The order that you place your sheets in is up to you but you should have at least 6 pages.  I suggest that you turn them horizontally like this example so that you can paste wide pictures

  1. Summary/Plot – with 10 events
  2. Vocabulary – 5 vocabulary words defined
  3. Characters – describe 5 characters
  4. Conflict – identify 4 conflicts that occur in the play/movie and tell me what type of conflict it is (MvM, MvN, MvSlf, MvS0c, etc.)
  5. Literary Elements – 5 literary elements (definition and example)
  6. Author’s Lesson/Theme– What is the overall message of the play/movie? Is there a lesson to be learned about: family, love, responsibility, self-exploration, a journey home, dedication, self-reliance, ….
  7. Soliloquies, Sonnets or Monologues
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