Thursday, May 13th

13 May

Today we will have an interval assessment.

Today we will complete a few R and J review games.

R and J 1R and J 2

Game Choice

Once you have completed your IA, you will need to review for your Romeo and Juliet test.  You have 3 links above for you to try out with different games to help with review.  Try several of them and copy and paste your score screen when done.  To copy your screen you need to press the Ctrl key and the PrintScreen key and paste it into a Word document to be sent to me.  Whoever helped you work on the game, put their name (s) in the Word document that you send to me.


Make sure you are studying the Characters from play and the Key Facts about play .  Click here for a variety of Power Points or you can click here to see 2 videos about the movie.

Lonnnnnnnnng Romeo and Juliet Summary

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