Friday, May 14th

14 May

Romeo and Juliet Quiz!

Yes, you can use your Study Guides.  YOUR Study Guides, not your neighbors’ study guide.  Once you have completed your quiz, choose 3 of the topics below and compose a thought bubble response to each one.  Put the topic on the “From” line.  Your response must be at least 4 sentences to receive credit.

Journal Entries to Accompany The Odyssey

  1. Describe what the term hero means to you.
  2. Name a hero in your life and describe why you consider them your hero.
  3. Tell about a journey you once took.
  4. Predict why you think a poem as old as The Odyssey might still be valuable today. (It is about a warrior who is trying to return home to his family)
  5. What kinds of qualities does a good leader have?
  6. What kinds of obstacles do people today have to try and overcome?
  7. Examine the various epithets that are constantly associated with the various characters: “thoughtful” Telemachus; “circumspect” Penelope; “resourceful,” “enduring,” and “godlike” Odysseus; and so on.  What words describe you?  Choose 3 descriptive terms.
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