06 Jul

I am creating this post to inform all about what to expect in the 2010-11 school year.

Because we are a 1 to  1 laptop school, the Freshmen have a laptop and are expected to use it regularly.  This blog is used for me to disseminate information about class assignments.  The following is a list of objectives that I intend to explore during our first Marking Period.

Written composition

  1. Apply knowledge of context clues to comprehend new words in text: There are many ways to carry out this standard.
  2. Apply knowledge of Greek and Latin roots and affixes to determine word meaning
  3. Analyze character, plot, setting, theme, and point of view in any piece of literature.
  4. Make supported inferences; make predictions about plot, setting, characters, and theme.
  5. Use textual evidence to analyze theme or meaning of a selection.
  6. Analyze how irony, tone, mood, syntax, language, and sounds are used rhetorically and aesthetically.
  7. Write narratives that reveal the writer’s attitude toward the subject.
  8. Recognize and use correct punctuation.
  9. Recognize and use correct capitalization.
  10. Demonstrate conventional spelling; recognize misspelled words.
  11. Write responses to literature analyzing imagery, theme, stylistic devices, and tone.
  12. Write summaries or abstracts distilling large amounts of information into concise prose.
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