Thursday, August 12th

12 Aug

Students will:

  1. Read and Discuss class/school rules and regulations
  2. Develop relationships with classmates
  3. Read and Respond to the article about school.
  4. Create a poem about their personal values, wishes, and dreams
  5. Introduce two classmates to the rest of the class


  1. Handout
  2. Bio Poem
  3. Notebook paper

Homework due Friday:

Brainstorm some specific things about yourself that you’d like to share.  Try to think about 20 things to share.  Make sure your list includes
1. people who are important to you
2. places you really enjoy
3. things you are interested in and enjoy (hobbies, sports, music, food)
4. my family:  family members, events and places that have helped you to become who you are

You will spend the majority of your time this Semester compiling information to help you create chapters of your life.  These chapters will be used to help you create a wikipage about Who you are and Where you came from.  For extra credit, have a parent/guardian add 10 items to your list that will be filed under “My family.'”  Ask a parent/guardian to come up with 10 items that are specific to them.  Good Luck.

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