Friday, September 24th

23 Sep

Change of plans

Today we will

Complete a How To Questionnaire that describes How To Create Your Monster

Create a vodcast in which you describe your Monster.  Each person describes the part that he/she contributed.

I will play this recording for the group who will re-create your monster.  We will not do ReCreations until Monday.  I was not satisfied with many of the descriptions that I have seen so far so I hope that completing the HowTo Form will help you be more specific in your detailing.  Remember that the group who must recreate  your Monster will need to create a picture from the details that you give them.

Before you leave, you will also need to complete a Drug Abuse questionnaire that demonstrates your knowledge of drug abuse and its effects.

M O N S T E R   Q U E S T I O N N A I R E   R E S U L T S

Once you have completed these tasks I need to make sure that you can all sign onto your wikipages.

We will be working from

Our Student Wiki is

You will need to log in and Edit your Shout Out / Check In Page

If you need your password, it can be found here


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