Wednesday, November 18th

17 Nov

Today’s Agenda

  1. Analyze art
  2. Analyze a video
  3. Apply the components needed for a Quality Life to Booker T. Washington’s Life

To prepare us for our NOMA partnership, take a moment and reflect on the picture.

What do you see?

1  Look at this picture and compose a short story.  Who are the characters? What are they doing? Where are they? etc.

2  After watching P-Star’s video, discuss what factors led her to seek out help.

TEDxTeen 2010 – P-Star from We Are Family Foundation on Vimeo.

Join in the conversation here:

3   Take notes on the 8 components that make up a Quality Life and apply those qualities to Booker T. Washington’s life.  Which ones apply and how could they have shaped his life?

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