Monday, December 13th

10 Dec

Portrait of….

Create a story based on the portrait.  Be  sure to consider the setting, characters and what is happening before, during and after the ‘slice of life’ that we see in the picture.

You will need to begin a Final ePortfolio Glog.  You will present your Glog on Friday.

For Tuesday,

Go to #5 and select one of the pictures begin to analyze the artifact. Copy the URL address or save the picture to your computer so that you can put it into your blog.  Work on the assignment on the bottom of the wikipage.  You will be creating a podcast script encouraging people to come and see your chosen artifact.

  1. Ted Talk
  2. Super Powers: which ones do you want?
  3. Famous Person
  4. Desert Island Dilemma
  5. Portrait of….. Use this as a guide
  6. Letter of Advice
  7. Ted Talk 2

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