Class Inboxes

03 Jan

You need to start documenting alll of your online work this schoolyear.  You will need to click on your period’s Inbox and submit links to your work.

Below you will find links to sites that we have used in class.  Check for your work and send me the link. 

PhotoMovies on Photopeach

Presentations on Slideshare:

Wikipages on Scholarly Submissions 1011

Blogposts on Scholars Study Together

Blogposts on 2nd pd Blogs

Blogposts on 4th pd Blogs

Blogposts on 5th pd Blogs

Blogposts on Burton’s Scholars Class Ning:

You need to login to see your work.  (To log  into the NING use the WJeffHigh+…  Go to your page and your work.  Hover over the title and then right click and copy shortcut or link.  Paste this link into the form.

Podcasts on SoundCloud

Class podcasts

NOMA podcasts



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