Monday, 1/10

10 Jan

To insure that we are knowledgeable about world and national news, we will be looking at CNN Student News.  You are to take notes on the following topics

Arizona Shooting

  • Why is a moment of silence planned for today in the United States? What do you know about the incident that led to this moment of silence?
  • What did some of the leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives say about the attack on one of their colleagues? In what other ways do you think that people could honor the victims of this attack?

Seeking Independence

  • According to the program: What is the purpose of Sunday’s vote in Southern Sudan? What is the expected outcome of this vote?
  • What do the people in the report say about this election? Why do you think that CNN’s David McKenzie had difficulty finding people who were voting for keeping the country united?

Too Well-Connected?

  • In what ways are you connected online? To whom are you connected?
  • What do you think might be the advantages and disadvantages of connecting to other people electronically, versus connecting with people face-to-face?
  • Under what conditions, if any, do you think that you could become “unplugged”? Would you be willing to do that? Why or why not?

You and a shoulder partner will begin to create Faux Facebook Pages for 2 of the Americans that you have mini biographies for.  You will need to:

This is how the finished product will look.

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