20 Jan

As preparation for our collaborative project with Digiteen, we are creating podcasts using Audacity software.  You and a shoulder/face partner are to interview each other and respond to the questions below. 


  1. My name is
  2. My favorite color is
  3. My favorite type of music is.
  4. My favorite sport is.
  5. My favorite website is
  6. My favorite TV show is
  7. My favorite book or author is.
  8. My favorite animal is.
  9. My favorite season is.
  10. My birthday is on.
  11. I have______siblings.
  12. Three words that describe me are…

The first step is to answer (on paper) the questions so that you will be prepared for your interview.  Click the link for a video on how to use Audacity to create podcast messages.  

Once you have recorded your message and you are satisfied, you will need to export as mp3 to create  and save your podcast.  Be sure to save it to the desktop and name it Your Name’s Introduction.  

Once you have exported your mp3 you will need to upload it to  Soundcloud to house the podcasts.  You log into Soundcloud with user name and password buccaneers and upload. 

The last step is to edit it and put it in the 4thpd set.

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