Monday, Jan 24th

24 Jan

  1. We will need to complete the work that we started on Friday. 
  2. You will need to
    1.  pick a pic  your decisions, complete the  form letting me know what artifacts you want to work on. On the form tell me which artifact is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice. and
    2. create a NonFiction Graphic Organizer
  3. We will watch and discuss 2 NetSmartz videos  and Julie’s Journey
    • What do Ryan and Noah have in common?
    • What mad Ryan more vulnerable and therefore more likely to get involved with a stranger online?
    • How do you think that someone was able to find him?
    • What kinds of information should never be shared with people you first meet?
    • Why did Noah communicate with someone online even though he seemed to know better?
    • What should you do if someone you met online asks to meet you or in any way makes you feel comfortable?

for Julie’s Journey, be sure to put the pictures in order.  On one side indicate what she did and on the other side indicate what she should have done.  Once you are finished, log into your blog and upload it.


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