Tuesday Feb 8th

08 Feb

Within your groups, each of you has a different online magazine article.  You are to read and report  your article. You will first report your findings to your group and then each of you will prepare a podcast that will be attached to a PhotoPeach Slideshow.
  1. •Use the THIEVES method to preview your article
  2. •Read, take notes on your article, and report your findings.
  3. Your group will decide whose story goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.  Each of you will record yourself summarizing your assigned article.

YOU WILL CREATE A NEWSCAST BASED ON READINGS that will be uploaded to SoundCloud.  Your podcast should be the summaries that all 4 group members have prepared to share with the class. We will then take this recording and use it as music for a PhotoPeach PhotoStory.  Your PhotoStory must contain at least 12 text slides (each of you has 3 slides using text to get your article summarized)

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