11 sentences about “The Most Dangerous Game”

25 Feb

You should be putting the final touches on your 11 sentence essays 

Prompt: How does Richard Connell use figurative language to establish the mood in “The Most Dangerous Game”?

Thank you to Alejandra for sharing her essay with us.

Ronald Connell is a great author and used figurative language to establish the mood in ‘’The most Dangerous Game.’’ In this story he wrote plenty of things that set the mood and tone. For me the mood was mysterious, suspenseful, and scary. For example when he says ‘’can’t see four miles or so through the moonless Caribbean night.’’ This quote sets the story in a mysterious way because the author is indicating that it was so dark no one could see; just in the words he used it made it seem more mysterious. Another example is when Ronald says, ‘’He forced himself upward, hand over hand. Gasping his hands raw, he reached a flat place at the top.’’ This quote makes the story suspenseful because it makes you want to know what is coming next. The last quote set a scary tone to me. ‘’ He thought he heard steps within; the door remained closed.’’ This makes the story a little bit scary because when you think you hear something outside you get horrified. Ronald Connell did a wonderful job in setting the mood and tone for this story.

Once you finish your paragraph, you will need to complete a plot outline.


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