Friday, March 11

11 Mar

Today you will begin to take notes on your specific areas of study for the Digiteen Digital Citizenship Project.  Each of you will be responsible for researching 2 digital citizenship topics.  You will need to read the information provided on the linked sheet and create 3 powerpoint slides.   You must create one slide that summarizes the Core Competency Area , a another slide that summarizes your Area of Awareness and a slide that tells what your research question is going to be.

TEAM GRID for digiteen

Once you have created your slides, you will need to upload them to  using the appropriate password. 

2nd pd groups digiteen

4th pd groups my 2nd try

5th pd groups digiteen

Today you will need to

The workspace that the Digiteen groups will be using can be found at   You will need to add to the page and area that you are responsible for.  You must also help to create and design the page.  Take a look at the work that has been created so far.
1. Technical Access and Awareness
2. Individual Awareness
3. Social Awareness
4. Cultural Awareness
5. Global Awareness

You will need to log into the Digiteen Ning  or the Class Ning using the password/email address

WJeffHigh+YourFirstName and Initial of last name


Your password is the same as always

Once you have logged on, you will need to go to “your page” and post a message.  SUITABLE FOR THE PUBLIC.  You will also need to begin to post your introductions.  Meet and greet your group members.

Your mission this morning is for each group member to create 2 slides each.  The 1st should have a with a 20-25 word summary of the article linked to your group and the 2nd with your research question.

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