Friday, May 6th

06 May

Do Now: I cry because I am heartbroken.

You need to read and respond to my blog post.

Dear <Ms. Burton>
What I <noticed most about / thought about / agreed or disagreed with> “<Title of the Blog>” is <___.> <Add 2 or 3 sentences describing what stands out for you and why.>
When <Ms. Burton> said, “<Quote from the blog>” I was thinking <what was going on in your head the first time you read the blog.>  <… Add 1 or 2 sentences.> I <do/don’t> <like/dislike, agree/disagree that> <… Summarize something from the  that you have an opinion about.>

Do Next: Take a survey so that I can know what your research topic will be.  Choose the 4 things that are most important (or bother you) the most.

You need to select your

possible research topic

We are still Finishing Up

To log into the NING use the WJeffHigh+… address

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