New Student Blogs

10 May

Here is the site with your work.

All of the students listed below have been invited to display their work on a personal blog. 

I am asking that you transfer the work that has been done in this class (on the wikis, blogs, PhotoPeach, Slideshare, etc.) and complete a blog post on your new blog for these activities. 










Here is a link to the links submitted by 2nd pd

Here is a link to the links submitted by 4th pd

Here is a link to the links submitted by 5th pd

You will need to copy and paste your work onto the new blog.  Before you publish your post be sure to change the date.  Change the date to reflect the day that originally submitted the work.

Once you have transferred the posts and links to your wikipages/podcasts/glogs/etc.

Make some changes to your blog.

 Personanlize it.

Getting Started Guide as you begin setting up your new blog:

Here is a video showing how to change your blog.

Under setting; Go to GENERAL and change the name of your blog to YourName’s Blog and change the tag line to One of Burton’s Scholars

Under Appearance: Change the theme and add widgets.  Widgets allow you to add additional things to the sidebars.  Look around at these  student blogs  for ideas.

Edit posts:

Dates – please change post date to the original post date if you did not do that in beginning.  Just edit the post and change the date.

Tags and Categories – Please add tags and categories to your work

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