Thursday, May 12th

12 May

Social Issues to be researched

  • communicating with parents

  • dealing with peer pressure

  • maintaining self-control

  • combating hate crimes

  • preventing suicide


You will need to create a wikipage with resources that:

  1. Identifies your problem
  2. Offers suggestions and solutions

Publications that you will create:

  • Wikipage to house your information
  • Wallwisher with statistics about your problem/issue
  • PowerPoint presentation with slides that will help you in your group presentation.  This presentation will be uploaded to slideshare and will be embedded onto your wikipage.
  • Glog with a combination of pictures, statistics, and other information (use different pictures for the glog and the PhotoPeach)

Pre-Planning Form
Problem or issue you want to address:
Targeted Audience:
Ideas where you could find this audience:
Possible contacts to set up a presentation:
Type of presentation (what will you do?):
Who else could help you?
Contact name and phone number:
Any “advertising” or publicity done to ensure a good-sized audience:

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