Monday 9-18

18 Sep

You will be posting work on YouthVoices.Net and your personal blog.  The site has different CHANNELS that focus on different topics.

Over the next few weeks you will be adding several posts. One of the first two posts will be in response to Tony Porter’s A call to men Ted Talk and Courtney Martin’s Reinventing Feminism.  We will listen to the post and then create a response to it using the YouthVoices format.

Your goal today and tomorrow is to view and view again (looking at the transcript to help you include important quotes) the 2 speeches.

  • 1st you will summarize the speeches using 20-25 words.
  • 2nd you will compose a response that lets the reader know how you feel about the ideas expressed in the speeches.
  • 3rd you will identify at least 3 important quotes from each speech that you will need to include in your posts


Once we have completed this we will be posting to many other channels.

You will need to

Your username is

Your password is the one that I gave you

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