Friday, September 23rd

23 Sep

Many of you are on track but some of you are not…. 😦

So far you ALL should have posted

  1. your 3 twenty five word summaries to your blog. 1. a response to Tony Porter’s speech 2. your opinion of what a woman is and 3. your opinion of what a man is
  2. your bioPoem

Yesterday we read Warning Shot in the upfront magazine and now you will need to answer a series of questions about the article and compose a blog post that answers the question:  Does the U.S. need tighter gun-control restrictions? Why or why not?

You will need to create a page on the wiki and then use the wikipage as the rough draft for your essay.  Your final draft will go on your blog. 2nd pd3rd pd. 4th pd

Use the chart on the wikipage to help you compile useful facts for your response.  You must have facts and examples. Here is a sample template to use that may help

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