Habit 3-Put First Things First

26 Sep

Habit 3-Put First Things First           Pg. 105-130

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Reflections on:

  1. Where do you spend most of you time?  Write down how you spent your time yesterday.  What took up most of your time?  Did the things that filled up your day matter most to you?  Where did you waste time?  Where were you most productive?
  2. Create you own “time quadrant” and reflect on where all your above activities fit in the graph.  Refer to pg. 112.
  3. Think of a time when you acted in the face of fear and took a risk to move outside of your comfort zone. What did you learn?
  4. Under what circumstances do you need to step outside of your comfort zone and exercise more courage?
  5. What holds you back from moving outside your courage zone?
  6. How can you act more courageously?
  7. Reflect on the “baby steps” on pg. 128.
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