Habit 5-Seek First to Understand

26 Sep

Habit 5-Seek First to Understand    Pg. 163-180

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Reflections on:

  1. When was the last time you tried walking in someone else’s shoes?  What was the experience like-actually trying to consider another person’s point of view or idea before sharing yours?  Describe what happened and what you learned?
  2. Write your own definition of the following listening styles:  Spacing out, pretend listening, selective listening and word listening.  Also self-centered listening: judging, advising and probing.  Lastly what is genuine listening?  Refer to pg 168-171.
  3. When do you have the most difficult time giving feedback to others?  Why?
  4. If you genuinely listen to another person, what happens when you then express your feelings, ideas, suggestions, or opinions?
  5. When was the last time you kept your thoughts and feelings to yourself even though you really wanted to share them?  Why didn’t you share them?  How did you feel about it?
  6. Now that you have analyzed your actions, what can you do to improve your practice of the second half of Habit 5, then to be understood?
  7. Reflect on the “baby steps” of pg 180.
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