Habit 6-Synergize

26 Sep

Habit 6-Synergize

Pg. 181-204

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Reflections on:

  1. Name some synergistic relationships in nature, in your school and in your home.
  2. Some people love to be with groups of people.  Some people like to spend much of their time alone.  How do you prefer to spend your time?  Why?
  3. Some people are dreamers; they’re always thinking of new possibilities, new ways of doing things.  Some people are very practical; they like to study the world and know how to do things.  Which type of person are you?  Why?
  4. Some people make decisions based on their feelings and how they think others might feel.  Other people make decisions based on facts.  How do you prefer to make decisions?  Why?
  5. Some people like their lives planned out and scheduled.  Other people like to be surprised or just see what happens.  Which way do you prefer and why?
  6. Write down an important issue that you, your community, your school, or your family is facing right now.  Organize a group of 4 people to discuss the issue you chose.  Think of ways to improve or change the problem (solutions).  Together, decide which solutions will make the biggest difference.  Write your group’s idea into an action plan for change.  Use SYNERGY to make it happen.
  7. Reflect on the “baby steps” on pg 202.


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