Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw

26 Sep

Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw Pg. 205-242   Keep Hope Alive Pg. 243-246

Reflections on:

  1. List all the things you want to do to “sharpen your saw” in each of the four categories:  BODY, HEART, SOUL, & BRAIN.
  2. What physical activities do you like to do?  Are there activities you haven’t tried, but would like to?  Make a list.
  3. What type of a plan can you set that will help you focus on the nutritional elements of sharpening the saw physically?
  4. To care for your brain is to sharpen the saw mentally.  Make a list of skills or talents you enjoy or might like to learn.
  5. Caring for your heart is how you sharpen the saw socially and emotionally.  Look at it as a RELATIONSHIP BAN ACCOUNT.  Care for your heart by making deposits.  Create a list of how you can make deposits.
  6. Which of your relationships are the most important?  Are you making deposits into these relationships?  What are you doing?  How can you improve your most important relationships?
  7. To boost your emotional well being, why not start your own humor corner today?  Write your favorite joke out and share it with someone.
  8. Caring for your soul is how you sharpen the saw spiritually.  The following activities will help you do this; meditate, volunteer to read to a child for an hour or listen to inspiring music.  What other activities do you enjoy that will help awaken your soul.  List them out.
  9. Reflect on the “baby steps” on pg 242.
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