Original Poems

19 Oct

We are finishing up our presentations.  Yay You!!!

We are now going to become poets. You are to create 5 poems that will be posted to your blogs/and or ePortfolios.

Who Am I

Yes, That’s Me

What if

I Can’t Write a Poem

Once I Was…

Go From First Line to Last Line

Some of My Best Friends are


Yes, That’s Me

Look and you’ll see

My hair is black and very nappy

My eyes are brown

My arms are short

My hands are made for touching hearts

My heart is red and full but hard like Mike (Like Mike when he played for the Bulls)

I’m funny

I never been to jail

My friends always sin, I know my dudez going to jail

I live for the moment and never did dope

I hope I live to see 21 and not get smoked by a human with a gun

It’s all clear as can be

That’s positively, absolutely me….

by Michael T


Posted by on October 19, 2011 in Curriculum


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