Monday, October 31st

31 Oct

We will be finishing up our work on our Poetry Anthology.  You have already composed 5 original poems and you will need to read and respond to 5 other poems for your Poetry Anthology. Today we will be reading Woman Work and Daily in textbook and for homework you will be completing “I Am Offering This Poem to You” by Jimmy Santiago Baca.

Next week we will begin reading and responding to a novel, The Anthem by Ayn Rand.

On a personal note, I am gearing up to present for LaCUE and I will be displaying some of your work sites. Those people in my 2nd and 4th period classes will need to be sure that your site is cleaned up and ready for company.  I need for you all to send me a link to your sites. 2nd pd. and 4th pd

  1. We have completed the Short Stories page
  3. You will need to work on your NonFiction page:
  • If you responded to the Art Dissent pages, please make sure that the answers to your questions are in complete sentences, organize those sentences into a paragraph and put the paragraph with the associated picture onto your NonFiction page.
  • If you completed the Gun Assault article, make sure that that is also cleaned up and place it onto your NonFiction page with a picture.
  • If you completed a PowerPoint or a handout for the 7 habit project you can also embed it onto your NonFiction page. You can check to see if I uploaded it to account for or my own VRBurton account. If so, get the embed code and add it to your NonFiction page.
If anyone is interested in creating a video for my conference please let me know.  In the video your group would be identifying a student’s problem and then offer the student help using The 7 Habits.
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