Advisory Homeroom Coping With Self-Defeating Behavior

14 Nov







Directions: Read each statement and decide how well it describes you and your typical behavior in school. Then, by using the four-point scale below, rate each statement and write your response (i.e. 1, 2, 3, or 4) on the answer sheet in the appropriate space. Please answer every statement.


3 That’s really me            2 That’s often me          1 That’s me once in a while            0 That’s not me 

_____1. It is not very important for me to do well in school.


_____2. When I become discouraged with school, I give up and don’t try any more.


_____3. I put a lot of time and energy into my schoolwork, but I don’t seem to accomplish very much.


_____4. I have a hard time finishing homework or projects for school.


_____5. It is difficult for me to start homework or study for tests without being forced


             or threatened by someone.


_____6. I don’t like to ask questions or ask for help because am afraid of looking stupid.


______7. I don’t do any of my school assignments until I have to or until they are past due.


_____8. I usually blame someone else, like my teachers or parents, if I don’t do my homework or receive bad grades.


_____9. I usually feel sorry for myself when things go wrong in school.


_____10. I don’t seem to have much time for homework because of all the other things I want to do.


_____11. I never seem to feel good about my ability to do well in school.


_____ 12. I have a hard time paying attention in class.


Discussion Questions:

1. Which do you think is a bigger predictor of success, intelligence or attitude?

2. Who do you think that self-defeating behaviors are picked up from?

3. Is it possible that some behavior patterns can hurt your academic performance?

4. Can you give an example?

Closing Statement:

The most important word in the expression “self-defeating behaviors” is “self.” You can determine the course your education will take. Others can and should be an important influence; but the decisions we make by ourselves will, in the end, be the deciding factor.

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