Monday, 12/12

12 Dec


You need to work on your graphic essay and continue working on our final Romeo and Juliet Projects

You will need to create a poster for Romeo and Juliet. I will supply you with the Post-it paper. Your poster will be graded for accuracy and appearance.

Your poster must contain the following:  samples 1  2   3   4

  • 2 quotes from Romeo and Juliet (you must rewrite quote AND paraphrase it)
  • 10 examples of literary devices from Romeo and Juliet (oxymorons, similes, metaphors, rhymes, asides, soliloquies, paradoxes, foreshadowing, puns, personification, etc.)
  • 3 symbols that represent the themes from play (ie. Heart for ___, etc.)
  • Storyline with at least 10 events from play


Read and Discuss “Harrison Bergeron” pg. 98 in the literature book.

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