Tuesday, 12/13

13 Dec


You need to work on your graphic essay and continue working on our final Romeo and Juliet Projects

You will need to create a poster for Romeo and Juliet. I will supply you with the Post-it paper. Your poster will be graded for accuracy and appearance. literary devices from Romeo and juliet

Your poster must contain the following:  samples 1  2   3   4

  • 2 quotes from Romeo and Juliet (you must rewrite quote AND paraphrase it)
  • 10 examples of literary devices from Romeo and Juliet (oxymorons, similes, metaphors, rhymes, asides, soliloquies, paradoxes, foreshadowing, puns, personification, etc.)
  • 3 symbols that represent the themes from play (ie. Heart for ___, etc.)
  • Storyline with at least 10 events from play
The Next Assignment will be The Odyssey


Read and Discuss “Harrison Bergeron” pg. 98 in the literature book. Complete the reflection questions.

The next assignment will be for you to create your own Utopian Society that is preferable to the Dystopian Society of Harrison Bergeron’s life.

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