Wednesday, 12/14th

13 Dec


Graphic essays should be completed and R and J notes should be studied. Exams are around the corner. Exam will be based on Romeo and Juliet as well as The Odyssey.  Odyssey Excerpts


We are working on our UTOPIAN SOCIETIES. Your task is to create a society that is so much better that Harrison Bergeron’s Dystopian Society.

You must choose at least 7 of the items below to include in your presentation. You must have 1-3.

  1. Name of country
  2. Bill of Rights – Develop a list of five – ten rules that all community members will follow.
  3. Daily Itinerary – Develop a schedule that a teenager might follow during a typical day.
  4. Motto – Create a slogan or motto that inhabitants of your utopia will follow.
  5. Country Flag: What would your country’s flag look like?
  6. Country Flower/Plant: What flower/plant would symbolize your utopia?
  7. Country Color(s): What color(s) would symbolize your utopia? And why?
  8. Country Song: What song would symbolize your utopia?
  9. Animal: What animal would symbolize your utopia?

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