Thursday, Jan. 19th

19 Jan

  1. If you haven’t completed your wordles you need to quickly do so.  Create a wordle for yourself to go on your homepage and a wordle about “Thank You M’am.” Be sure to use to save it to the public gallery using the username Burton’s class so that I can create a picture of it for your site.
  2. Check to see if you have been awarded a badge to put on your site.  I am trying to issue site badges for those of you who are doing “good work.”  These badges are to be added to the bottom of your Homepage.
  3. Sign up for and create a photo movie about Thank M’am using

You will need to gather at least 10 pictures that will help you retell the story of Roger’s encounter with Ms. Luelle Washington Bates Jones. Find pictures that look like Who? What? When? Where?

Make sure that your photomovie addresses the following:

  • Title and Author
  • Significant Events – Be sure that your photomovie answers the questions:Who? did What? When? Where? Why? and How?
  • Climax – what part of story determines the rest of the story’s action.
  • Conflicts (Man v Man, Man v Self, Man v Nature, Man v Society, etc.)
  • Resolution
  • Major Characters
  • Theme

Here is a page from one of my blogs showing How To use Photopeach.

Here is an incomplete one that I started last year.

You must have your photo movie completed by Friday and embedded onto the Short Story page of your EPortfolio.

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