25 Jan

For Homework you were to use the template above to create an analysis of The Most Dangerous Game.  You will take the information from your analysis template and create a paragraph that will be posted on your Short Story page.

  1. Log into
  2. Open Microsoft Word and begin to type in your homework analysis.
  3. You will copy and paste this onto your Short Story Page.  Drag down a box that has a picture and text so that you can add a picture later on.
  4. Be sure to look at your ePortfolio and address some of what I identified before: add a comment box to your home page, add an Awards page, pages in the wrong order, pages not labeled, etc.
  5. Check to see if you have been awarded a badge to put on your site, I am still updating this page sorry so you will probably need to check back again tomorrow.
  6. If you have time today select a quote from this page and see how it applies to any of the short stories read in class.


FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WAAAAY BEHIND here is a link to Friday’s post where I summarized last week’s assignments

If you did not do any wordles: here is the opportunity to create one for yourself to be posted on your home page or your Who Am I page: Go to and you select 20 words from this list and combine them with descriptive sentences about you.  To have words linked up together you need to write them with a tilde in the phrase ( ~ tilde is located at the upper left corner of keyboard.  Phrase will look like Ms~B~is~online)


Tomorrow we will begin to create a photomovie about The Most Dangerous Game using  Your photomovie MUST BE embedded on your Short Story page for you to receive credit for the assignment.

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  1. VRBurton

    January 25, 2012 at 11:47 am

    The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell
    The major characters or Whitney, Rainsford, Gernal Zarolf, Ivan. Some events or rainford swim to shiptrap island after falling off the yaacht.Anortheris rainford hunted by zaroff. Rainford jump over the cliff to escape from zaroff. Rainford is humted over the the spam of a day or two. Rainfrod was hides in zaroff’s room.The climax is Most people agree that the climax in this story takes place when Rainsford challenges Zafoff to a final “duel to the death.” That’s where i have to disagree. I think the climax of this story takes place when Rainsford has to jump off the cliff. The reason why i think this is because at the bottom of this cliff he jumps off of, there are jagged sharp rocks and this causes the reader to wonder if Rainsford will even live or not past this point. I would think that the main conflict is external, as Rainsford is being hunted by Zaroff and has to survive, but if you want to look “deeper” into the story, then it could be internal, due to Rainsford’s initial concepts that game animals have no emotions, and his subsequent experiences as being on the other end of the hunt. You could say Rainsford realizes the painful way that being hunted isn’t fun, whether beast or human. Besides the excellent answers given here, I would like to add that one of questions Connell leaves us with is did Rainsford kill Zaroff for revenge or did he kill him to end the hunt once and for all? If this is so, this might explain why Rainsford has the best night’s sleep ever. Rainsford is man of higher moral ground. Zaroff set himself away from humanity on Ship-Trap island, where his tainted ideas would keep him away from judgment and having to pay for crimes against humanity. The fact that Rainsford, a noted hunter in his own right, has landed on the island, exhilirates Zaroff, tells Rainsford that Zaroff is so far gone,that the hunt must end. Zaroff may have let Rainsford go, but it was not out of kindness; it was for his own distorted pleasure. Rainsford keenly senses that the man needs to be stopped. Since no one has ever escaped the island, it is up to Rainsford to be judge and jury and end the hunt, once and for all. Perhaps Rainsford has committed an act of kindness unbeknownst to humanity?I think this story is very good.


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